Updated 08.20.07 :

Welcome to my World of Warcraft image page. Below are some photo albums of my travels in this game, achievements and memory keepsakes for myself and others to share. I've added a 7th gallery of my latest travels.

Check out this great blog by hobbs! If you've ever wanted to pull massive mobs and make lots of gold doing it, don't miss this site!


 Rag Kill

Gallery 0

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4

Gallery 5

Gallery 6

Gallery 7

Rag Kill



MC 2


MC - Rag



There's a ten day free trial of WOW and if you like it, you can buy it at www.amazon.com.

Here's a great write-up for Night Elf Questing (Parts 1 - III) for lower lvl's and one for your teens Night Elf Questing part IV. If you'd prefer to play a Human, here's another great write-up. Human starter Quests Part I. This guy even has a write-up for those of you that would rather play the little people of the world :D Gnome/Dwarf Starter Quests Guide and if you really want to be one of those nasty Horde people, here's a few good starter guides: Orc/Troll Part I, Tauren Starter Guide and Undead Guide Part I & Part II.

This page will keep you up on the 'lingo' of the world and to get around the world, this page is a must see: WoW Flash Map

Here's a few good sites to start out on too. Very informative indeed.

1) Thottbot
3) World of Warcraft Community Forums